Confocal Raman Microscope - TriVista CRS


Additive and subtractive dispersion

with easy software switch between both modes

Unbeatable Spectral Resolution

i.e. FWHM < 0.1 cm-1 at 633 nm (TR777 in additive mode)

Lowest frequency measurementsdown to 5 cm-1 or less

Variable Excitation-Wavelengths experiments supported

to observe the dependence of Raman-Spectra with respect to the excitation-wavelength

Maximum flexibility and optional enhancements

Huge selection of microscopes, lasers and accessories for various applications 


•    Deep UV to NIR wavelength range

•    High spectral resolution, i.e. FWHM < 0.1 cm-1 at 633 nm (TR777 in additive mode)

•    Low frequency measurements down to 5 cm-1 or less, depending on sample

•    High frequency range up to 9.000 cm-1 (at 532nm), useful for photo luminescence

•    High spatial resolution of less than 1µm lateral and 2µm axial

•    Operable for unlimited amount of laser wavelength in the range fro DUV to NIR

•    Useful for tunable laser-excitation

•    Easy software-switch between "Additive" and "Subtractive" Dispersion-Mode

•    Simultanious Stokes / Anti-Stokes Measurements

•    Adaptable to external experiments and defined experiment integration like i.e. XRD, ......

•    Optional enhancements:
     * Easy switch between Triple- and Single-Stage Operations (Bypass-enhancement)    

     * Macro Raman
     * Polarization Raman Measurements
     * Temperature depending Raman Measurements
     * Motorized Point-To-Point and Fast Raman Mapping
     * TERS and AFM-Raman Mapping

     * Laser Safety Claas I










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